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That's Not How it Happened

Role: Lead Producer, Designer
RPG with the combination of Beat’em Up & Dating Sim & Point and Click puzzle solving.

Disaster! When the Turner family’s inn burns down, they must recount the events that took place leading up to its fiery end!

That's Not How It Happened features the same story from different points of view through different game genres. Brawl against a horde of bad guys as patriarch George, experience intrigue through a romance simulator as lovestruck son, Alan, and solve a hidden puzzle mystery as daughter Zoey Turner to try to figure out how it DID happen!”

Game Details:

  • Genre: Narrative, Beat ‘em up, Dating sim, Point and Click

  • Platform: PC and Mac

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 1 year

My work and learnings:

My Work:

  • As the lead producer, led a team of over 30 across multiple disciplines while communicating clear and consistent vision.

  • Ran weekly stand up meeting to ensure progress is on track, and to help solve blockers. Kept meeting notes.

  • Maintained design documents and project macro to help communicate to the team which assets need to be created, and features built.

  • Created burn-down charts to make sure team meets each milestone and high priority tasks are given more attention.

  • Used Trello and google spreadsheets to keep track of tasks.


  • Leave cushion time when planning tasks.

  • Care about the quality of work team produces, also care about people's personal health. Try to reduce CRUNCH TIME!

  • Do not wait until the deadline to check in with people on tasks, mid-sprint check-ins and reminders are helpful.

Game Website for More Info:


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