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Role: QA Lead, Combat Designer
Fast-paced music action RPG where the player controls two characters: Spooky and Haru.

When a fabled disaster causes ghosts to spill into the human world, an apathetic reaper and a fearless young girl with magical powers must use their musical abilities to fight ghosts and save the world from an endless night.

SPOOKULELE is an action-adventure game where you play a pair of reapers and use musical abilities to fight ghosts.

Game Details:

  • Genre: ARPG

  • Platform: PC and Mac

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 1 year

My work and learnings:

My Work:

  • As the QA lead, led an international QA team of over 10 and gets bugs and jank feedback.

  • Ran weekly QA meeting with the team and share feedback for game improvement; discussed with the team about combat design choices and changed GDD based on it.

  • Created bug report template and collected internal playtest feedback.

  • Created QA testing plan and updated test cases based on game iteration.

  • Used JIRA with the QA team and kept track of bug fixing progress.


  • Communicate with different disciplines when bugs occur in a timely manner.

  • Have a playtest-oriented mindset and rapidly takes feedback from players, understand what players want and, more importantly, which feedback are helpful to the game development.

  • Put bugs and feedback in different priorities, focus on the most servere bug or whichever design flaw that impacts the player experience most. We can't fix everything (sadly), make realistic choices based on the time we have.

Game Website for More Info:


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