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听我说 Listen to Me

Role: Creative Director, Producer, Lead Designer
Listen to Me is an action adventure role playing RPG. The player will play as Xiaoyu Liu, a boy avoiding negative speech while chasing his childhood dream

Are you able to keep your childhood dream under the pressure of societal expectations?

Do you know that negative words are hurtful and can cause huge impacts on others?

Listen to Me is an action adventure role playing RPG where you play the boy Xiaoyu Liu, whose dream is to become an indie game designer. A dream that sounds so unrealistic and unacceptable by the people he cares. In this game, all the bullets shot by enemies are Chinese characters, the attack bullets are the negative words that can impact Xiaoyu's confidence, faith, or bravery.

Nominated as the Best Gameplay Award by the GWB Game Awards 2022

Game Details:

  • Genre: ARPG

  • Platform: PC

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 5 Months

  • Supported Language: Chinese only for now!

My work and learnings:

My Work:

  • As the creative director and producer, I directed a team of over 10 across multiple disciplines while communicating clear and consistent vision.

  • Communicated with artists, programmers, narrative designers, and sound designers to make sure the game style and player experience are coherent.

  • Ran weekly stand up meetings to ensure progress is on track, and to help solve blockers.

  • Kept track of tasks for different disciplines, made asset lists and task lists to help team members understand their responsiblities each sprint.

  • Created player feedback server on QQ and collected playtest feedback, compiled the to-do sheet for game iteration and improvement.


  • This game is created for the GWB Game Awards Competition 2022, so we really have very limited time. Time management and scope control is super important. From this project I learnt how to show off the highlights of game mechanics and story when we have limited time.

  • Mid-sprint check-ins with team is crucial, and tasks need to be conveyed clearly to team to avoid confusion and time waste.

  • As creative director, it is important to make sure the art style and music are coherent, especially when there are mutiple artists/ audio designers on team. For example, an art bible will be really helpful!

Game Website for More Info:


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