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Role: Game Designer
Help the young wizard-in-training get out of the dungeon with teleport spell.

As a young wizard-in-training trapped in a cursed library with your scatterbrained mentor, use a wide range of at least one spell to escape from a horde of monsters!

Game Details:

  • Genre: ARPG

  • Platform: PC

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 1 Month

My Work and Learnings:

My Work:

  • Designed the core game mechanism of teleporting, iterated on it and brainstormed different buff for the teleport spell.

  • Created three levels with progressed difficulty and planned out the map with tilemap.

  • Created different types of monster and their attack skills.


Simple game mechanic can also create fun game experience, it depends on how the game designers make use of it!

Game Website For More Info:


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