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Role: Game Designer, Programmer
Chinese style music game made with Unity, coded in C++.

Musink is a music game made with Unity. Player controls the little Ink and collides with floating Inks according to the music beats. The background, which is a painting scroll, decorated by the ink drops, form an art masterpiece of serenity. The aesthetics of the game are shown with the integration of Chinese art style graphics and the use of traditional music.

Game Details:

  • Genre: Rhythm Game

  • Platform: PC

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 3 Months

My Work and Learnings:

My Work:

  • Designed the core mechanism and iterated on it based on playtest feedback.

  • Designed the tutorial and iterated on it, helping players to understand the game mechanics better.

  • Created task sheet for task progress tracking.

  • Created playtest questionnaire and gathered playtest feedback.

  • Designed the player UI and communicated with the artist to improve the aesthetics of the game.

  • Finished level design in Unity engine, designed three levels with increased difficulty.


Intially, the other developer and I planned to make a music parkour game where the player plays as a Chinese swordsman and moves quickly through the households, walks on water and controls over natural elements. However, after first prototyping this idea we discovered some problems through playtest feedback. First, the character collider and environment colliders are irregular, making it hard for the players to understand when to jump or fly and find the perfect timing. Second, it is hard to combine the rhythm game and action game elements.

Though we tried mutiple ways to improve the experience, eventually we realized that we need to give up one element and make best of the other one, considering the limited time and resources we have. So we choose rhythm, and Musink is what we produced.

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