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Bounty Heart

Role: Game Designer, Producer
Roguelite mobile game with the combination of Match3 and Tactics mechanics.

BountyHeart is a mobile roguelite puzzle RPG that combines Match 3 with Tactics. You play as Tobi, a criminal who has been sent to the island of BountyHeart, fabled to contain the Legendary Bounty. The only ticket to freedom is to capture the Legendary Bounty!

Assemble the perfect crew by befriending those you meet along the way, or defeat them for their bounty and strengthen your party.

Game Details:

  • Genre: Roguelite Puzzle RPG

  • Platform: PC / mobile

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 11 Months

My Work and Learnings:

My Work:

  • Designed and visualized the first-time user experience flow in Figma.

  • Implemented tutorial series into Unity, and iterated it upon review feedback across the team.

  • Co-designed gameplay elements such as in-game combo effects, ally abilities, enemy abilities, items, and meta-game progression.

  • Tweaked stats in Unity for better balance between randomness and player choice.

  • As the producer, I kept track of tasks on Notion.


  • Corporating with other designers and brainstorming ideas together are the key of creating something fun.

  • Update the rest of the team of my task status in a timely manner is important. It is also good if other disciplines are aware of the designers' tasks.

  • Sometimes we need to redesign a certain feature A LOT OF TIMES in order to make it clear and fun to play for players.

  • Try our best to make the tutorial easy to understand.

Game Website For More Info:


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