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听我说 Listen to Me

Role: Creative Director, Lead Designer, Producer
Listen to Me is an action adventure role playing RPG. The player will play as Xiaoyu Liu, a boy avoiding negative speech while chasing his childhood dream.

Are you able to keep your childhood dream under the pressure of societal expectations?

Do you know that negative words are hurtful and can cause huge impacts on others?

Listen to Me is an action adventure role playing RPG where you play the boy Xiaoyu Liu, whose dream is to become an indie game designer. A dream that sounds so unrealistic and unacceptable by the people he cares. In this game, all the bullets shot by enemies are Chinese characters, the attack bullets are the negative words that can impact Xiaoyu's confidence, faith, or bravery.

Nominated as the Best Gameplay Award by the GWB Game Awards 2022

Game Details:

  • Genre: ARPG

  • Platform: PC

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Timeframe: 5 Months

  • Supported Language: Chinese only for now!

My Work and Learnings:

My Work:

  • As the creative director and lead designer, I directed a team of over 10 across multiple disciplines while communicating clear and consistent vision.

  • Communicated with artists, programmers, narrative designers, and sound designers to make sure the player experience is coherent.

  • Designed the game core systems, including adventure mode and combat system.

  • Designed the equipment system and stats for all the weapons and tools that can be equipped in game.

  • Communicated with the narrative designer and developed the story line.

  • Adjusted player stats and did balancing in the Unity engine.


  • As the lead designer, it is important to make sure all members in the design team are on the same page, especially when working online.

  • Designs need to be tested all the way during development, since player behavior can be different than what game designers assume.


  • Consider the player profile is important, different players can have completely different experience playing the same game.

  • Leave more time for balancing is crucial!

  • Make a clear tutorial is hard, needs to be tested and not left to the last minute!

Game Website For More Info:


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